MANAGEMENT Testimonials

“ Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has been an invaluable resource to our organization. They combine intellectual rigor and honesty with high ethical standards and a no-nonsense, consequence-based, proactive approach to addressing the broad range of issues faced in the workplace today.

In my 20-plus years of HR experience, I have found that EAP Programs excel in all aspects of behavioral healthcare and organizational development. Across the board, our EAP Program is characterized by active listening, an unwavering commitment to client confidentiality, an uncanny ability to understand business needs and a demonstrated track record of providing solid and workable solutions.
HR Director for a large, publicly held manufacturer

“ Our bank has worked with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for over 20 years. During this time our Employee Assistance Program has provided us with excellent transition management, training and support, leadership and team development projects, and strategic guidance.

As a bank Regional Market President, I have been particularly pleased with the attention our EAP Program has given my human resources and management staff. I have appreciated their level of commitment, the quality of their work, and the favorable results they have produced.

Our EAP has provided leadership development, assessment and coaching to our top executives and has assisted in our strategic planning efforts. Clearly, our EAP has consistently delivered a cost-effective, valued service.
Regional Market President for a large regional bank

“ Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a strong and respected partner with our company’s associates and families in assisting with day-to-day personal work/family situations. Their prompt assistance contributes to maintaining positive productivity in the workplace, which is critical for our customers and one another. They also help us by consistently delivering excellent crisis intervention support that is seriously needed when our associates must deal with the trauma caused by bank robberies. Our 19-year relationship with EAP has continually evolved to match the needs of our growing and changing company.
HR Senior Vice President for a large regional bank

“ We are pleased to have IMPACT Solutions as a partner for our Employee Assistance Program. In our ten year relationship with our Employee Assistance Program, we have had the opportunity to utilize their wellness seminars and their stress debriefing consultations. EAP staff members from have actively participated in our Wellness Fair each year and they have made presentations at our quarterly associate meetings where we have approximately 250 in attendance.

IMPACT Solutions’ monthly electronic newsletters have been well received by our associates and managers. Our EAP provides a variety of tips and suggestions for managers and supervisors in dealing with their associates dealing with their personal, family or work related issues. I would highly recommend EAP Programs to other companies.
Assistant VP of Associate & Community Relations for a national insurance company

“ Since we began using our Employee Assistance Program, our district has experienced improved utilization among employees and their families.

We have always found the IMPACT Solutions staff to be very professional, helpful, cooperative and constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our participation. We especially like the reader-friendly monthly newsletter that is distributed to all of our employees.
Benefits Coordinator for a public school district

“ We have had our EAP services for more than 10 years, and during this time their commitment to our employees and their families has been incredible. I frequently receive unsolicited feedback from our employees, who have used our EAP Program for personal and family issues or who have attended our lunch-time seminars and the response is always extremely positive in working directly on employee referrals, and on occasion, trauma situations, I have found IMPACT Solutions to be incredibly effective in resolving both work-related and personal issues for our employees. That in turn helps us to help our most valuable resource – our employees.
Benefits Manager for a Fortune 500, publicly held manufacturer

“ I enthusiastically recommend an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to any organization that wants to upgrade their workforce and maintain a high degree of morale and focus in a cost effective manner.
President, Professional Employer Organization

“ For the past fifteen years we have seen EAP involvement outcomes that continue to meet our expectations. For this and many other reasons, we value our working relationship with an EAP.
VP Human Resources, Hospital

“ We are very satisfied with our EAP Program Mentor and their staff and would highly recommend EAP to other organizations.
VP, Human Resources, Industrial Firm

“ Our Association wishes to express our appreciation for our EAP involvement.
Executive Director, Trade Association

“ For the past 14 years, our EAP has been helping our employees in a confidential manner, but it has offered us the opportunity to utilize training programs in a way that is both cost effective and flexible to our needs.
HR Coordinator, NJ Township