Employee Assistance Research Foundation

Information on Research Funding

Information on Research Funding

The Foundation is not accepting additional research proposals at this time.

Please check our website periodically for updates on our next call for grant proposals.

EARF Funding Activity To Date

After a formal Request for Proposals process, the Foundation has awarded a research grant of $75,000 to a team of researchers to complete its latest effort: The EAP History Project. The two research teams have begun collecting data and EARF anticipates this project to be completed in late 2017. Project deliverables will include a special publication of the results with extensive biographical and resource materials. See section Funded Research for more details: http://www.eapfoundation.org/research/the-history-project/ .

After reviewing proposals submitted in 2012, the Foundation awarded a grant of $100,000 plus 12% overhead expenses in 2013 for to study the Impact of Employee Assistance Services on Workplace Outcomes to the Omni Institute. Subsequently, the Foundation awarded Omni an additional grant to fund two supplementary articles for submission to peer-reviewed scientific journals.

In March 2011, after its first call for proposals, the Foundation awarded two research grants of $40,000 (plus overhead expenses?) each to the National Behavioral Consortium and ISW Limits to study the State of EAPs.