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The Employee Assistance Research Foundation (EARF) is launching a Fundraising Campaign to ensure the continuation of their important work in the EAP and Behavioral Healthcare Fields.

‘Help Us Build a Better Future for Employees, Families and Workplace Behavioral Health’

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Welcome to the Employee Assistance Research Foundation

Welcome to the Employee Assistance Research Foundation


Dear Colleagues,

It is close to a decade since our milestone gathering in smoke surrounded San Diego as wild fires consumed the dry brush (and more than a few homes) throughout a massive swath of southern California. Circumstances notwithstanding, over 100 enthusiastic EAP professionals convened in advance of the 2007 EAPA Annual Meeting to help launch the Employee Assistance Research Foundation.

In the months that followed, hundreds more joined our mailing list, visited the website and contributed to the important goal of developing EARF as an independent sponsor of unbiased, scientific theory-based research. Despite the onset of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, both EAP companies and individuals stepped up to assure the success of this effort.

The impact of your generosity over the years has been significant. Not only have independent, published studies of the current states of EAP development in North America and Europe been accomplished, but the most thorough and convincing outcome study of the impact of EAP work on workplace productivity has been completed and published, with further analysis and publications to come.

Your Foundation is now turning its attention to a facet of our profession that has been neglected for far too long, i.e., an academically-based archival history of the development of EAP from the early days of Occupational Alcohol Programs to the many diverse services and interventions occurring in virtually every country and culture today.

Please read the attached background and project description carefully and decide how you can best support its development and publication. By contributing to this monumental chronological study, you can become a part of our rich EAP history!

With gratitude and best wishes,

Carl R Tisone, President
Employee Assistance Research Foundation